Español para Extranjeros

Español para Extranjeros

Spanish for foreigners Department

This department was developed with a group of teachers specialized in the area with creative minds who are deeply involved in Argentine culture and a specific and unique program to teach ELE (Español lengua extranjera)we conduct special courses for international groups to study Spanish for a limited period of time intensively usually for 2 or 4 weeks.

We know that learning a language is much more than knowing its grammar, that´s why our programs include extracurricular activities (literature, arts, tango, outings, going to the cinema or theatre, cultural activities, barbecues).

Besides, we try our students to be in touch with our argentine students who share their same interests most of the time.

We also take them to visit factories, hospitals, companies etc according to their likes or needs at their request.

The lodging can be in family homes or residencies with breakfast and dinner included.

We work with books, cassettes, CD's and videos. During the courses students are encouranged to speak and write in Spanish even in the very low levels.

The classes are a combination of conversation exercises, role playing, repetition, production and grammar. The latter is acquired gradually and without tedious rules.

For advanced students there are also specialized courses on Grammar, Literature, Language and others.

Our school is located in one of the finest neighborhood of our city, Palermo, a quiet and nice place to walk, go window shopping or enjoy a cafe at one of the many cafes around.